The Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) has 23 independent, self-governing territories with Customs jurisdictions in the Pacific. Established in 1986, its mandate is to promote effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations in the harmonization and simplification of Customs procedures, facilitation of trade, law enforcement and building the capacity of members in meeting the development objectives of their Governments.

Expressions of interest are invited from Technical Experts to undertake scoping exercise on computer forensics with OCO selected members. The overall aim of this exercise is to determine the gaps in the computer forensic area, provide technical advice on what kind of technical support and trainings are needed.


  1. Conduct a detailed survey and analysis of the selected member’s IT competencies.
  2. Study and provide an overview of the current investigation and audit process model used by the member administrations in relation to computer forensics.
  3. Assess any improvements required to the IT software and peripheral to conduct computer forensics.
  4. Recommend any upgrades required with the legislation to conduct computer forensic investigations and audits.
  5. Identify the extent of and areas in which capacity building and human resource development for computer forensics will be required.


Required Competencies

  • A diploma or degree in computer science or relevant area
  • Extensive experience in computer forensics, computer fraud investigations, audit and related discipline

To apply please send a cover letter and CV including 2 referees to by 5pm (Fiji Time) Thursday, 8th April March, 2021.

A detailed Terms of Reference can be accessed here

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