Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) Secretariat

The Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) was established by Heads of Oceania Customs Administrations in August 1998 to promote efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of Regional Customs Administrations. The OCO has a membership of 23 countries and territories from the Pacific region, and its principal activity is facilitating and where appropriate helping member administrations align with customs international standards and best practice, leading to greater economic prosperity and increased border security within the Oceania region.

Strategic Priority Areas

Priority 1

Customs Leadership

Priority 2

Law Enforcement and Border Security

Priority 3

Trade Management and Facilitation

Priority 4

Revenue Mobilisation

Priority 5

Institutional Strengthening of Small Member Administrations

Latest News

Customs and Tax Administrations Strengthen

Customs and Tax Administrations Strengthen

Suva, Fiji 22 June, 2022: Improving tax compliance in Pacific Island nations is one of the measures Tax and Customs administrations in the region are taking, to improve revenue collections which have been hugely impacted by the slow economic activities caused by the...

Maritime Border Security Top on OCO Agenda

Maritime Border Security Top on OCO Agenda

Suva, Fiji June 07, 2022: Maritime border security is top on the agenda of customs agencies in the Pacific as threats of transnational organised crime activities, human trafficking, money laundering and white-collar crimes, illicit drug trafficking and smuggling,...

OCO Secretariat visits US on a Study Tour

OCO Secretariat visits US on a Study Tour

  Suva, Fiji, June 2nd, 2022: The United States Patent and Trademark Organization invited members of the OCO Secretariat to visit the United States of America on a study tour. OCO Head of Secretariat Mr. Richard Brennan and an OCO team consisting of Ms. Irma...

Events & Workshop

OCO Events and Workshops is a great way to communicate ideas, acquire new skills and specialized knowledge which members can apply to their profession and to better accomplish member goals and values.

Upcoming events and workshops:


  • 6 Jun – 27 Jun Ethics & Governance III
  • 13 Jun – 4 Jul Enforcement and Compliance CERTIV
  • 16 Jun – 17 Jun HS 2022 Workshop
  • 22 Jun ICP & RC Meeting
  • 11 Jul – 15 Jul Regional Workshop on TRS
  • 15 Jul – 30 July Training on model IPR laws & provisions – Cluster 1 category
  • 15 Jul – 31 Aug Follow up on progress of IPR law – Cluster 1 category
  • 11 Jul – 1 Aug Tariff
  • 4 Jul – 25 Jul Enforcement and Compliance CERTIII
  • 15 Aug – 10 Oct Electives
  • 5 Sep – 9 Sep Regional Workshop on AEO
  • 10-Oct End of CCES Electives
  • 11-Nov CERT IV Graduation

OCO Member Countries

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