Training/Workshop name – Drug Identification Training

Dates – 11 – 15 December 2023 Location – Air Cargo Inspection Facility, Auckland Airport, New Zealand

In order to assess the benefits of this learning opportunity and to improve the quality of future initiatives, please provide your evaluation to the following questions.
Organisations and Logistics
The invitation and selection process of participants was well organised, clear and transparent *
Workshop facilities in terms of rooms, equipment, location, etc. were adequate (including the remote facilitation) *
The schedule (starting time, breaks, lunch, etc.) was well planned *
The team was able to take care and respond to unexpected contingencies *
Workshop implementation and content
Workshop Objectives were clear *
Workshop programme was respected and completed *
I had enough previous knowledge to assimilate Workshop content *
Facilitators were clear, understandable and knowledgeable *
Facilitators were able to well manage and organise the group and the sessions *
Workshop material made available (slides, case studies, documents, etc.) was adequate *
The mix of theoretical presentations, practical examples and discussions was adequate *
Overall Assessment
The Workshop met my expectations *
Workshop content addressed key topics relevant for my work *
I am satisfied with the Workshop as a whole *
Please give your opinion on the following:
I think there should have been more of *
I think there should be less of *
What did you find most beneficial *
What did you find least beneficial *
Other comments *