The OCO organized the PACER Plus ROO Workshop in Kiribati on 12-13 March 2019 facilitated by two pre-accredited PACER Plus ROO Trainers from Kiribati Customs. The national workshop was the final part of the pre-accredited trainer’s assessment for qualification as an “OCO PACER Plus ROO Trainers.”

During the Workshop, the participants learnt about ROO concept, practical issues for proper origin determination and the ROO criteria and verification procedures under Chapter 3 of PACER Plus. The Deputy Secretary of the Kiribati Ministry of Justice, Ms Tebete Engiran in her closing remarks at the Workshop “talked about the important role that customs play in the implementation of the ROO and the need to create awareness to the stakeholders and the benefit from opportunities provided by PACER Plus.”

The participants at the Workshop provided positive feedback on the performance of the pre-accredited trainer and this formed part of the final assessment that will be provided to their respective Customs Administrations. The Train the Trainers program is part of the OCO strategy to develop competent trainers to deliver training on PACER Plus ROO not only in their respective administration but also for the benefit of other countries in the region.


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