Under the sponsorship of the PACER Plus Readiness Package, the OCO in collaboration with the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies, Charles Sturt University (CCES) have jointly organized the PACER Plus ROO Train the Trainers (TTT) Workshop from 23-27 July, 2018 in Nadi, Fiji and 18 Customs Officials from 11 member countries took part.

Rules of origin are important legal instruments for the application of preferential trade agreements and the correct and accurate application of the ROO is required to provide both accurate trade statistics and to ensure the proper application of regional trade agreements.

The PACER Plus ROO TTT program is based on a blended learning format consisting of four phases with the overall objective of the Program being to ensure sustained improvement in the capacities of each PACER Plus party to implement ROO provisions. The TTT Core Workshop (first phase of the Program) held this week was facilitated by CCES, a school of Charles Sturt University and an Australian Government Registered Training Organization (RTO), with a worldwide reputation an educator and trainer for the customs profession. The aim of the TTT Core Workshop is to promote the knowledge of how to effectively educate others and develop the training technique skills that a trainer will require to achieve this. The program utilizes a series of theoretical presentations in a workshop atmosphere in which the active involvement by participants is essential.

The participants undertook group exercises and prepared and made presentations during the workshop after which they received individual feedback from the participants and facilitator. Over the next two months prior to their participation at the next Workshop in October, 2018, participant will be expected to undertake an obligatory online course to ensure a common level of technical knowledge on the Pacer Plus ROO and Verification Procedures.

The OCO acknowledges the financial assistance provided by Australia and New Zealand through the Readiness Package for PACER Plus in establishing a pool of trainers on ROO including PACER Plus ROO who can provide guidance and train on the subject at national and regional level to Customs officials and relevant stakeholders.

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