Bernard Ngiraibai with Minister Sadang and Customs staff

The Minister of Finance, Elbuchel Sadang, also acknowledged and recognized Ngiraibai for his hard work and dedication to Customs. Deputy Chief, Rebechong Iskawa also reflected on the past and some of the positive experiences that were shared during his years of service with Customs. Minister Sadang awarded Ngiraibai with a Certificate for his Years of Service and a $500 Retirement Gift.

On behalf of Customs and the Ministry of Finance, and from me all of us, we would like to wish Mr. Ngiraibai our sincere appreciation and all the best in his retirement. In addition to the positive attitude and energy he brought to the office, it was indeed a pleasure to work with him. He will definitely be missed because he was more than an employee, he was a friend to all with his thoughtfulness and encouragement. We hope you will have a long and peaceful rest, spends some time with your loved ones and do everything you want to do with your time off. Congratulations on a wonderful career, the Best is Yet to Come, Bernard and thank you for 23 years of continuous hard work.

On Friday, March 17, 2017, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection hosted a farewell luncheon for one of their most palau news2esteemed employees, Mr. Bernard Ngiraibai. After 23 years of service with Customs Mr. Ngiraibai will be greatly missed by his fellow employees and colleagues alike. According to Acting Director John Tarkong Jr., Bernard has always been someone in Customs that we could rely on. His willingness to put in extra time and effort has demonstrated his commitment to excellence that we have come to depend on. When we look back in history, Ngiraibai started working in Customs in 1993 and was promoted to Customs Officer II in 1995. He assumed many supervisory roles and completed all of his tasks well beyond and what was expected and for this we owe him our deepest gratitude. Bernard has always been an inspiration and role model to our younger employees. Bernard has been a part of the times and changes that defined Customs and the changes we made over the past decades.

Bernard was always a hard worker, good listener and provided sound advice. He was very good at encouraging initiative and team work within Customs. According to Tarkong, if all our employees were as hard working and focused then Customs would be a better place.

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