OCO one of the panelists for the Setting the Stage webinar Series on the Pacific AML/CFT

Suva, Fiji, December 21, 2020– OCO presented on the first day of the four-day webinar series organized by the ADB, ANZ Bank, and AUSTRAC-Australian Government-funded on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorist from December 7-10, 2020. Acting Head of OCO Secretariat Mrs. Irma Daphney Stone highlighted some of OCO’s activities for the 2020/2021 year as well as some of the experiences of its members.

OCO continues to work with its partners to assist combat AML/CFT activities in the Pacific and recognizes that counterfeiting has become a full-fledged organized crime. In terms of human resources, counterfeiters often direct their traffic like legitimate companies, which they manage almost commercially.

Further, counterfeiters often have very expensive high-tech industrial equipment for production. On the scale of production, they are now capable of producing large quantities of counterfeit goods hence generating high profits in a very short time. “With e-commerce becoming the norm rather than the exception, we must work quickly to assist our members to be ready to do this we must build awareness at the same time realize the reality of our Pacific Island nations’ work environment,” Mrs. Stone said. “Sharing Information is a must but it should be in a safe and secure platform.”

More than 2,000 participants from all over the globe attended the 4-day webinar series. The participants included NGOs, Bankers, TCUs, Government officials, and Private Practitioners.

For more information or for any queries, please contact the Secretariat or email: mediaoco@ocosec.org


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